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Thank you Dr. Carrington

Dear Families,
By now, I’m sure you have seen the communication from Dr. Sayuri Carrington, Center Director, Georgetown Hill at the NRC and Mr. Peter Cromwell, CEO of Georgetown Hill. The NRC Child Development Center Board of Directors (the Board) shares with Georgetown Hill its appreciation of Dr. Sayuri Carrington’s tenure as Center Director.

We send a heartfelt thank you for her dedication to early childhood education, her steadfast service to the Georgetown Hill community, and her unwavering devotion to our children. Dr. Sayuri, you will be missed!

One of the most important duties that the Board holds is its general oversight of the Center to ensure that a quality child development program is provided. This oversight includes concurring with Georgetown Hill on the selection of the new Center Director. The Board looks forward to working with Georgetown Hill and families on a smooth transition in the near-term appointment of a new director and remains committed to the steadfast support of the new administration team’s efforts and success.

Joe Gillespie, President
U.S. NRC Child Development Center, Inc.
(301) 287-9184